Brand New Beginners Series

Kula style yoga unites the body and the breath through the creative linking of postures. It is a deep, challenging practice which will make you stronger and more flexible on the outside and softer (and more flexible) on the inside. 

This 3 week introduction is perfect for brand new beginners as well as those who wish to refresh their skills on the fundamentals of alignment and flow style yoga. (It’s also a perfect opportunity to get that friend who has been meaning to try yoga to finally put their mat where their mouth is)! You are never too tight, too tall, or too weak to begin. And after this three-week series, you will never go back! 

Students who complete this course will feel confident joining ongoing weekly Kula Basics class. 

Week One: Yoga Foundations and Sun Salutations
Week Two: Twists and Forward Folds
Week Three: Back bending and More!