Catch Your Breath (Then Let it Go): Bringing Awareness and Release to the Rib Basket

Join Magi for this fall workshop about all things ribs, breath, and heart. The simple yet profound semantic shift from a cage to a basket allows for the possibility of freeing what’s captive and finding trust and connection. Physically we’ll focus on side bends and twists, exploring both familiar and novel locomotion patterns for understanding and release. There will be time for movement, anatomy, contemplation, and deep rest. Come exactly as you are, all are welcome. 

Over the last nearly two decades, Magi Pierce has been fascinated by the intersections of anatomy and psychology. Her insightful teachings facilitate practitioner’s self-study with a way that is equal parts precise and kind. Reemerging from the covid era with 2 kiddos has been a humbling exploration and she is slowly finding center and what it means to have support. Excitingly, a new domain of teachers and books have launched her into her next realm of study.

Magi taught weekly at Kula for years and has been a part of many of the teacher trainings and mentorship programs. She so loves being in the room with everyone again!
Date Time Location Teacher
- (2 hours) Kula Yoga Project (SoHo) Magi Pierce Register