Kula Soirée

Have you ever wanted to listen to live performance in the sacred space that is Kula’s Williamsburg studio without having to simultaneously hold a half bind in Ardha Chandrasana? Or have you wanted to get to know others in the Kula community in more time than it takes you to roll up your mat?

Join us for our premiere Kula Soirée: a night of art, music and connection at Kula Williamsburg. There will be drinks, performances, and time to shmooze with fellow students and creatives outside of the traditional Kula Flow. The night will begin with a poetry reading from Zach Hammer, a writer and Kula student, with live musical accompaniment from songwriter Henry Hoagland. Laura Wolf, a cellist, singer and producer whose music has been featured on NPR Music’s “All Songs Considered” (as well as performed live in Nikki and Kevin’s classes), will close the night with an intimate set of her work.

Doors open at 6:30, performances start at 7pm.