Unleash Your Inner Power: Yoga, Reiki, & Crystals Workshop

Ready to break free from overwhelm and ignite your true potential? Join us for a transformative workshop designed to awaken your inner fire and empower you to live authentically. This immersive experience offers:

Mindful Vinyasa Yoga: Led by Sonia, founder of Namaste City, this accessible flow class will use music and movement to build confidence, free your body from limiting beliefs, and ignite your inner spark.
Reiki Healing Session: Ashley, an Energetics Coach and Reiki Practitioner, will guide you through a powerful Reiki session to cleanse your energy field, deepen your self-connection, and set the foundation for lasting change.
Exploring the Power of Crystals: Learn about the fascinating world of crystals and their benefits with Ashley. Discover how these powerful tools can enhance your energy, support your intentions, and elevate your everyday life. Let the crystals choose you! Discover your perfect match to take home.
Goodie Bags & Refreshments: Enjoy delicious snacks, refreshing drinks, and a first-come, first-served goodie bag filled with surprises to take home. Snacks sponsored by Elemental Superfood Seedbars.

This workshop is perfect for you if you:
  • Want to reignite your motivation and momentum.
  • Seek to gain confidence and overcome self-doubt.
  • Want to cultivate an energizing and authentic life.
  • Desire to explore mindfulness and energy healing practices.
  • Are curious about the power of crystals.
No prior yoga experience is needed! Come with an open heart and a willingness to explore your inner power.

Sonia is the founder of Namaste City, a platform dedicated to fostering community and spreading knowledge. Having struggled in the chaotic and competitive environment of NYC while studying engineering, Sonia searched for a safe and balanced space where she could challenge herself and discover her true self. It was during this process that she fell in love with yoga, eventually obtaining her 200-hour yoga teacher certification.

Learn more here: www.namastecitylife.com, @namastecity

Ashley Gabriel is an Energetics Coach and Reiki practitioner who helps Empaths build their dream lives and businesses free from overwhelm. Ashley spent 13+ years in wellness and travel-focused media production, producing content for companies like Condé Nast, Travel Channel, HGTV, ClassPass and others. Ashley’s practice is based on her personal experiences self-healing from chronic stress and professional burnout.

Learn more here: www.ashleygabriel.com, @aligned_withashley