Back Arches for All + Philosophy Talk


at Kula Yoga Project (SoHo) (481 Broadway, 3rd floor
(Grand & Broome) Manhattan, NY 10013)

Come and join us for an afternoon of asana and philosophy! We will explore back arches with a variety of support to experience the ease of embodying the poses and we will also find our way to the unsupported expression of the asana as available. All Levels are welcome!

Before the asana practice, Jonathan will lead us in a collaborative reflection and conversation on the ethic of ahimsa in Classical Yoga and adjacent dharma traditions. What does nonviolence ask of us in the contemporary world? Come think, share, and learn together.

Naghmeh Ahi began studying yoga in 1999 with James Murphy and Kevin Gardiner. She has been blessed to study with Geetaji Iyengar on several occasions at conventions worldwide, and returns to RIMYI regularly to study with the Iyengar family.

Naghmeh has taught since 2002, having completed the teacher training program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Greater New York, led by senior teachers Mary Dunn and James Murphy. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature where her focus of study was the epic form, a passion that continues to be fulfilled by the study of yoga, through its sources, the sacred texts, and its practice, that is rooted in tradition.

Learning to practice all limbs of yoga provides her with clarifications and questions that inform living life on a daily basis with integrity and neutrality, with love and acceptance towards the self and towards all other beings.

She plays piano or paints on a whim. She also takes ample time to be a good friend to her animal companions.

Jonathan Dickstein (PhD) is Assistant Professor of Jain Studies at Arihanta Institute. Jonathan specializes in South Asian Religions, Animal Ethics, and Religion and Ecology. He is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher residing in Philadelphia, PA.