Augustine Kim

Augustine has been a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga instructor in Williamsburg for over a decade. His yoga journey spans more than two decades, initially studying under esteemed senior teachers Rolf Naujokat and John Ca...

Mysore Ashtanga in Williamsburg


at Kula Yoga Project (Williamsburg) (85 N 3rd Street
(Berry & Wythe) Brooklyn, NY 11249)

Ashtanga Yoga is the system of yoga founded by the late K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India and continued through the living legacy of his family Sharath, Saraswathi, and Manju Jois as well as his senior students and disciples.

Within the Ashtanga Yoga system, asanas are joined together through flowing movement co-ordinated with the breath (vinyasa), gaze (drishti), and alignment (bandha/mudra). There are six sequences of asanas (Primary, Intermediate, Advanced A, B, C and D) in the Ashtanga Yoga system which are practiced sequentially. Each sequence begins with the Sun Salutations and the same sequence of standing poses. All sequences end with the same finishing sequence. The postures which occur between the standing and the finishing sequence vary from series to series and are designed to strengthen the body, purify the energetic system and address the structural functioning of the body. This combination of asana, vinyasa, breath, gaze and alignment are the pinnacle of Hatha Yoga and Tantric technique and is grounded in the non-dualism of the Upanishads and the “eight-limbed” path of Patanjali. As students progress through the practice, the groundwork is laid for the practice of controlled-breathing (pranayama), meditation, and the awakening of kundalini leading to greater awareness, sustained energy, the development of compassion, and greater insight into the workings of the mind.

Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally taught in one of two ways:
1) Mysore-style or 
2) Led class.

A Mysore practice allows students to learn and practice one on one with a teacher through one of the asana sequences of Ashtanga Yoga. This allows the student to self-practice and do the practice in a way that is appropriate and/or therapeutic for their particular needs. Mysore practice is for everyone and is the place to learn the practice.

Led class is a group practice, guided by a teacher with the purpose of learning the precise vinyasas of the Primary or Intermediate series as well as providing a chance for practitioners to come together. It is great for students who already have an established Mysore practice but can also be helpful for newer practitioners.

Drop in: $25
INTRO one month unlimited (for those new to Ashtanga only): $99
1 week unlimited: $55
1 month unlimited: $179
12 classes/month (3x per week): $139

Please speak to the teacher directly before signing up for the Led style classes.

Augustine Kim can be reached at
[email protected].