Rebecca Ketchum

After my first Kula class, I knew I had found my home. I learned more in one hour through solid adjustments, thoughtful words, and intelligent, vigorous sequencing than I had in the past decade of attending yoga classes elsewhere. Since then, I've curated my classes to offer students the same opportunity to find precision, peace, and vigor. Drawn to yoga's non-competitive and healing nature, I see yoga as a practice of self-observance using breath, space, and body awareness as a guide. Tias Little calls it one of the great "internal arts" which is what it feels like to me. During my self practice I look inward and explore my organs, tissues, emotions. I'm not only interested in my own 'internal art" but I am also trying to codify a language I can use to help me guide others. My work has been shaped by decades of dance training and performing, teaching children, adapting movement for wheelchair bound patients, and my heros/mentors Katy Bowman, Nikki Villela, Genny Kapuler, Jillian Turecki-Baer, Nevine Michaan, Tias Little, Pina Bausch, and Amy Matthews. Structured around sthira (steadiness) and sukha (ease), my classes include elements of my background in Iyengar, Ashtanga, dance, and Kundalini. I try leave students full of new information yet clear-headed, light yet grounded, strong yet nimble.