Kula Quickie: Back Body Flow

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Courtney Stapleford

 I started practicing yoga after college when I moved back home as a way to find community and stay active without going to the gym. I kept practicing yoga because of the magic that stayed with me when I left the...
(Props: yoga block - or pillow, folded up blanket, etc to hold between the knees - can also do this with no props!)

Stretch and strengthen the posterior chain and postural muscles, hitting spinal extension, flexion, and more. Use the power of your core and glutes to stabilize before stretching and lengthening. Leave with comfort of the body and maybe grow an inch!

(Int) You asked, we deliver. For busy parents, workaholics, and anyone who needs a shot of Kula to shake up or spice up their day—join us for a shorter dose of Kula goodness. We jump right in and have at it, Kula style. Of course you are rewarded with blissful rest at the end. This class is perfect if you need an early asana espresso, a midday snack, an appetizer for a tasty evening ahead, or a short yogic nightcap.