Martine Quigley

Once I discovered how grounding, uplifting and freeing yoga was for me, I wanted to find a way to share that with everyone I knew.  I founded Happy Yoga, a wellness concierge in 2012 and have been serving the NYC metropolitan area since. As a practitioner for over 20 years and a teacher for over a decade I have been honored to study and learn from some amazing teachers such as Dharma Mittra; where I received my first certification and my foundation. Thirsty for more knowledge I went on to certify with Jason Ray Brown (Anatomy Studies for Yoga Instructors), Deb Flashenberg (Prenatal Yoga Center), and Lisa Danylchuk of Y4T (Trauma-sensitive yoga.) I am also an avid TM meditator since 2008 and have been a student of Kula Yoga for many years.

Beyond yoga, I am also a mat Pilates instructor (Power Pilates) and an ACE certified personal trainer. I am someone who finds that listening to my body daily, learning what it needs and switching it up is important for me as well as my clients. Variety keeps life interesting! You may find me mixing in a little Pilates or resistance training into my classes or private sessions.

My classes are creatively and intuitively sequenced, with room for play and investigation, smattered with breathwork, meditation and completed with a restorative savasana. My goal through teaching is for my fellow humans to leave the space feeling reconnected to their bodies, calm in their nervous system, and free- mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. See you on the mat!