Strength + Resilience Series 1 of 3: Upper Body/Arm Strength

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David Regelin

In the yoga game for 20 years. 
I love yoga but it seems as though over time dedicated practitioners tend to become delicate and injury prone as a result of increased passive flexibility without increasing the control and strength of the range of motion they possess. 

This series is designed to do just that: build strength and control with body weight exercises that pair well with a yoga practice. By incorporating these exercises in a home practice, relatively quilted you will find that your body becomes more resilient, less prone to injury, requires less flexibility maintenance, and is more capable and reliably functional overall.

It is recommended to take all three as they will overlap but each will focus primarily on:

1) Upper Body Straight Arm Strength and Bent Arm Strength exercises that build press Handstands and general upper body competence. 

2) Mid Body Core Strength: movement sequences that build torso strength, range, and stability in flexion/extension/rotation. 

3) Lower Body Leg Strength and Mobility: various body weight squat exercises that integrate and enhance hip/knee/ankle/hamstring/quadricep/calf function.