Kula Reset: Restorative: Balance & Support for the Autumn Transition

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Lana Homeri

Lana Homeri is a Kurdish yoga teacher, healing justice advocate, human rights lawyer, and music lover. She is passionate about facilitating community spaces where we can tenderly care for ourselves and increase o...
This is a practice where we use sandbags for each posture. If you have two sandbags that would be great and if not, you can improvise with gentle weights. Gentle weights are great for feeling grounded and regulating the nervous system. You will also need a couple of bolsters, couple of blankets, and eyebags. This is a very supportive and harmonizing practice for the sometimes exhausting and potent transition between seasons. 

These turbulent times have inspired us to add a new Kula class to down regulate, restore, heal, and reset the nervous system. Enjoy the antidote for the stresses of our times (and a perfect compliment to the Yang dominance of most Kula classes). You can do chaturanga tomorrow. Right now, drop in for a Kula Reset: Restorative. 

This class welcomes in a sacred pause for a neurological reset and increased vitality. In essence, we soothe and reprogram our nervous systems to cultivate an internal sense of safety, increased capacity for compassion, resourcefulness, and empowerment. The practice is informed and inspired by the work of Dr. Gail Parker, who offers a beautiful description: The body has an awareness that is deeply visceral, different from cognitive awareness. Restorative yoga supports embodied awareness, which is an awareness that eases deep into the nervous system, where contacted states caused by stress and trauma can release. This is where profound and lasting change takes place.