Kula Sound Bath

Treat yourself to a sonic and vibrational experience. 

Andrea begins with a brief breathing exercise followed by an Om sonic meditation and continues with a Soundbath that is offered with Tibetan singing bowls, bells, voice and other instruments. 

This is a very powerful and yet simple way to tone the vagus nerve, calibrate the resonance frequency of the systems of the body, and step closer to the full blooming of the soul. An open door, to allow and create inner space in order to  tap into consciousness and receive joy, love, compassion and equanimity.

Some of the following become possible with breathwork, sonic meditations and soundbaths:

Heightened states of awareness or expanded consciousness, changes in physiology and psychology from known and unknown tensions to relaxations which gradually become permanent. These changes may represent a tuning of mind and body. Participants may achieve greater awareness and sensitivity to each other. Music is a welcome by-product of this activity.

Mind, body and soul will be attuned and the harmony of these three areas will be regulated.

All you have to do is dress comfortably, lie down, and relax into this experience.

ABOUT ANDREA BAQUERO: Andrea is a professional pianist, journalist and educator. Andrea studied multiple somatic therapies and is certified as a breath coach, vibroacoustic and focalizing therapist, yoga instructor, Reiki and Ayurveda practitioner.

Andrea has explored music, sound and somatic healing through different cultures; From touring the world as a pianist and singer, exploring classical Indian music, and immersing in shamanic, Quechua and yogic traditions, to academic settings like NYU music therapy, deep listening studies of Pauline Oliveros, and studies with the Grammy award winner and University of California faculty teacher Silvia Nakkach. Her constant curiosity and study create a holistic and practical support to spiritual discovery and somatic healing.

Andrea believes that “sound, vibration and movement are essential to human development because they are a direct path to discovering ourselves and connecting with others. If we practice listening to all the sounds in the world, outside of us, we will eventually allow ourselves to focus on all the sounds inside us, and learn to discern them. We will be able to tune into a world of vibration and choose to selectively listen and sound with love to that which is nurturing. This will ultimately bring us back to harmony with the cosmos.”
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- (1 hour) Kula Yoga Project (Williamsburg) Andrea Baquero Register