Sweeter Than Honey + Live Music


at Kula Yoga Project (SoHo) (481 Broadway, 3rd floor
(Grand & Broome) Manhattan, NY 10013)

Let's face it - those 30 minutes of Yin + Restorative postures at the end of a Honey Flow class are the best, but you know there are times you wish that Honey lasted longer (or let's be honest, was the only thing you were doing in class)! In this workshop, that's what you get: a deep dive into supported postures and pranayama exercises specifically designed to calm your rambling mind and create a sense of ease in your whole system. A long, deep savasana will fully reset your nervous system and leave you floating off into the rest of your weekend. 

As the ultimate added bonus, Jacob "NTHNL" Rudin will provide a transcendental soundscape, layering and looping live flutes, vocals, and more on top of an original composition throughout the entire workshop. It's basically the sweetest afternoon ever.

Jacob “NTHNL” Rudin is a classically trained composer and pianist turned multi-flutist, producer and sound-healing practitioner.
Having created electronic and acoustic music in a wide variety of contexts since 2012, Jacob works in both the healing and contemporary music worlds, drawing on a rich sonic practice that involves experimental sound design, field recording, and virtuosic performances on a wide range of instruments.

He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, where he teaches piano lessons, hosts regular soundbaths throughout the city and gigs with his band, NTHNL.

For more on Jacob, visit his site: