Mysore Ashtanga in SoHo


at Kula Yoga Project (SoHo) (481 Broadway, 3rd floor
(Grand & Broome) Manhattan, NY 10013)

Please do so directly with Michael.
He can be reached at [email protected].

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We are pleased to offer a traditionally taught Mysore Style Ashtanga Program in the beautiful space at Kula Yoga SoHo. Whether you are new to the Ashtanga system of yoga, a long time practitioner looking for a new home, or a traveling ashtangi stopping over in NYC, we are happy to welcome you to our focused and joyful practice group.
Ashtanga Yoga is a lineage based system and as such the exact method of practice is passed down directly from teacher to student. The only way to learn how to practice ashtanga is to study with someone who learned how to practice ashtanga from someone who learned how to practice ashtanga...and so on. The close communication between teacher, student, and the overall community cultivates a personally tailored self-practice within each student.
Walking into the Mysore Room can look like pandemonium to a new student. Everyone is breathing at their own individual pace, working on different postures of the sequence, and focusing on their own development. The room is often silent except for the sound of inhale and exhale with the exception of the teacher who roams the room explaining, clarifying, giving physical adjustments and support. Learning to practice through this method builds the student’s confidence in her or his ability to practice with or without the support of a teacher and group of fellow practitioners. Cultivating a self-practice, done to one’s own breath, with full concentration on the task at hand engenders curiosity towards introspection. With consistent practice knowledge of one’s own essential being can be gained.  
The best way to start is to show up! Consistently. On your first day you’ll be given a private lesson within the group setting, you can ask any questions you have, and we’ll build from there. There’s no need to arrive at the beginning of class, just expect to be in the practice room for about an hour. If you’d like more information or have any questions please contact [email protected]
Our Mysore Style schedule at Kula Yoga Soho is generally M—F mornings 6:30 – 10am. We also offer a Led Practice (everyone instructed by the teacher at the same time) on Saturdays at 9am. Please check Michael's website for up to date cancellations, Moon Days, holidays, etc.