Banded Kula Flow

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Giulia Pline

As a former professional dancer, movement educator and yoga teacher of 12+ years, and current Doctorate of Physical Therapy student, Giulia has always been fascinated by the body in motion. Her background in danc...
(Int) Banded Kula Flow is a special class that combines the Kula Flow style yoga you love with strength + mobility exercises—all with resistance bands! There are so many fantastic reasons  why you should consider adding resistance bands to your movement and yoga practice and you will reap many benefits with this special practice, including but not limited to: improving strength throughout your range of motion; increasing resiliency throughout your whole body; developing new movement skills; increasing proprioception aka awareness of where you are in space; sparking new inspiration, insight, and creativity to your personal practice and/or teaching; and developing a deeper connection to your body, mind, and breath! Are you ready to join the resistance?

We have bands for use during this class at Kula!

Where can I purchase bands like Giulia's?

Mini bands:

Regular bands (Make sure to purchase a total of 4 individual resistance bands of the same color and resistance. Giulia recommends starting with bands of a medium resistance):

Bands needed to make the set:
2 mini bands, 1 of light resistance and the other of a heavier resistance
1 one loop band
2 two loop bands
1 open band